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Breaking the cycle of abuse and cult-like behaviors in acting class structure


“Add my name to the list of supporters. It’s a nice thing you’ve created, a mitzvah. And that’s not just coming from a father of a young acting daughter but old vets in this business who need to look after the next generation – male or female. Well done.”

-Bryan Cranston (actor, Breaking Bad, Malcom in the Middle)



“Yes, absolutely use my name. This is important.  Thank you for highlighting this issue.”

-Alfred Molina (actor, Spider-Man 2, Raiders of the Lost Ark)




“I’d be happy to sign and have my name added. I think this is a very good thing.”

-Brooke Markham (actress, In the Dark)




“Acting, even in class (or sometimes especially in class) usually requires that you make yourself emotionally vulnerable.  That should be supported, not abused.”

-John Sayles (screenwriter/director, Lone Star, Passion Fish




“There is no place for fear, humiliation, or manipulation in the classroom of self-expression. Your service to all artists in this regard is to be wholeheartedly endorsed.”

-David Strathairn (actor, Nomadland, The Bourne Ultimatum)



“I endorse!”

-Gideon Adlon (actress, Blockers, Pacific Rim: the Black)





“I think it’s great what you are doing.

-Atil Singh (manager, Principal Entertainment)